About Vishal


Vishal Bhagat was an active student at the University of Texas at Austin from 1998-2005. During this time he played roles in both service and social organizations. 

Vishal was afflicted with juvenile diabetes (Type 1) yet he never let his struggles with this draining condition keep him from leading an active life. Vishal understood that diabetes was a  widespread illness that affects millions of children across the world. He envisioned an event that would combine his everyday struggle with one of his greatest loves, football, to help others.  This led him to push for the establishment of the first ever “Sugar Free Bowl,” a charity flag football tournament that benefits the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Vishal, a brother of Delta Epsilon Psi, was the original visionary of Sugar Free Bowl and  joined Delta Epsilon Psi with idea of using the fraternity’s experience and resources to serve as an avenue to develop his idea. His goal was to raise awareness among the community and establish a means to provide funds for the continued research of Juvenile Diabetes.  

This event is now played at numerous colleges and universities throughout the United States.  

Tragically, in August 2006 an accident caused Vishal to pass on. However, the brothers of Delta Epsilon Psi are determined to carry on his vision and legacy by putting their heart and soul into Sugar Free Bowl each year. In his memory, The Vishal Bhagat Foundation was created. This foundation, Delta Epsilon Psi, and family & friends Sugar Free Bowl and Vishal's legacy every year.